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“The level of service that I get from PRT is what keeps me coming back. When I call from the field, their compactor tech will help me to finish the job. They have everything I need in stock and the prices are right. They will go the extra mile to make sure my orders are done right. I really enjoy doing business with PRT and I always call them first.” East Coast Major Hauler

“I have used PRT for the last 6 years and the value of their products is a great benefit to my operation. PRT has been very responsive to my needs and has gone to great lengths to make sure I have what I want, when I need it.” Major Hauler in the Midwest

 “PRT has been my part supplier for over 9 years. They have consistently brought me a solid product that works very well for a very low price. They have even introduced new solutions to me that work tremendously well.” OEM