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PRT is committed to helping our customers succeed. It is for this reason that we provide you FREE phone access to a compactor parts and installation expert, as well as, FREE educational opportunities. So while PRT can provide you a full line of compactor parts, you also receive the added benefit of a resource to ask questions and receive assistance on the following:

  • Compactor parts needed to make repair

  • Advice related to in-field repairs and emergencies

  • More affordable compactor replacement part options

  • Manufacturer part numbers

  • Installation suggestions

  • Training and troubleshooting for compactor machinery

Our Compactor Expert

Rick Jackson began his career working in a factory but things changed when he got recruited into the waste business by an enthusiastic relative that had a compactor repair business. Rick was committed to learning the business and spent his time quickly mastering every area of the operation.

Rick repaired, welded, installed and became skilled at moving heavy equipment. He then turned his attention

to trouble shooting compactor electric and hydraulic systems. Before long, Rick was managing a group of technicians and helping others handle the demanding and time sensitive nature of the compactor repair business.

In 2010 Rick joined PRT and now relishes in using his experience in the field to help other compactor technicians. You can reach Rick at 888-999-5278 or email him.

Compactor School

Lead by compactor specialist Rick, this two-day workshop is FREE to all current and future PRT customers. This course features an overview of compactor components and how they work together as a system, an introduction to reading electrical schematics, practical repair tips, in-field installation techniques, and the rewiring of a PLC board.

This course is designed to be an immersive experience for industry professionals responsible for the maintenance and operation of compactor units. Rick teaches to all skill levels. You will learn troubleshooting and problem solving skills that will enable you to identify and fix a problem while out in the field.